Meet the Team

Laura Callender

Book Cover Designer

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Born and raised in the UK, I have travelled extensively and lived in New York for a number of years. I am now based in the UK once again, and focus all my free time on developing my writing organisation CWC and designing book covers and adverts. I am fully immersed in the world of self publishing and realise the struggles writers face. There are endless decisions to make once your story is completed and by offering you a warm and friendly service, with realistic prices, I hope to make your journey that much easier. 

My design work started slowly and steadily picked up pace before writers started asking me if I could do a cover for them. I quickly became addicted to it, and find the design process very relaxing. I have now been designing professional covers for a little over a year, and can't imagine a day going by when I am not creating something in my head. For this reason I have an extensive portfolio of pre made covers, and also like to give them a placeholder title. I truly love what I do, and I'm thankful everyday that life has pushed me in this direction!

Kathrin Hutson

Editing & Formatting

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Kat Hutson lives in Grass Valley, California with her husband and their two dogs. She is self-employed through her company KLH CreateWorks as a Fiction Author, Freelance Editor, and Copywriter. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for a Bachelors in Creative Writing Fiction, and her writing focuses in Literary Fiction, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi. She expects to announce the publication of her Fantasy novel Daughter of the Drackan in 2015, and is currently working on a new Dystopian Sci-Fi. 

Her editing career started in 2010, through which she offers editing and proof-reading services for fiction, business, and scholastic literature. She is a member of and received her copywriting training and certification from American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI), and most recently worked with Biokare Health and Wellness, an Alternative Medicine client in Charleston, South Carolina. She is also a member of the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), and this May received a VIP Award from NAPW for outstanding leadership and ingenuity as a small business owner and entrepreneur.

Cover Testemonials


"As a horror writer, I wanted a specific design for my second novel and on describing the story to Laura, within a very short time she came up with a design that was spot on with the novel. There were a few alterations made to the design which she discussed with me as she went along until she had designed the perfect cover for my book. I was over the moon with the finished cover and will use her again."

Kevin Grover

Survive at Midnight (Book 3)

Affordable and professional, Laura has an amazing way with covers. She took the exact idea out of my brain and made it a reality. I’m so happy to have her work on the covers for my entire series because she knows exactly what I want and makes it in the best possible way. When I write other books, I’ll definitely be going back to her for more covers.

Kayla Krantz

Shards of the Crystal Rose

"I found Laura Callender to be professional, highly skilled at creating cover designs, and very open-minded about discussing tweaks to the designs. She set very reasonable prices for her work and walked me through everything the design process would involve, as well as how long it would take. Would I recommend her to anyone looking for a cover design for their next project? Yes. Yes, I would."

Benjamin Phillips

Under Midnight Lights

Laura works really quickly and has no issue making change as you request them. Even if she disagrees, she will explain to you why, and show you what you needed to see first. Her patience is a rare thing in this industry.


Key of the Prophecy

With the publication of my new novel, Key of the Prophecy, I wanted a professional cover — what better way to grab the readers eye?

With Laura Callender at Just Publish It! I got that and more. Laura was extremely easy to work with. She not only heard my wants but saw my vision. She made appropriate recommendations, even helping when it came to brainstorming for a title. Now I have a book cover I love, which truly represents my book — and at a price which won’t break the bank. When I’m in the market for another book cover, I won’t look far. Laura Callender at Just Publish It! is everything I need.

Vicki B. Williamson


"I approached Laura Callendar because I needed a new updated ebook cover. She helped me by taking my low quality, disconnected cover and turned it into a commercial quality cover. One thing I liked was the easy and quick communication. I would reccommend Laura Callendar for your ebook, book cover needs."

Rianne Moss

Editing Testimonials 

Calling the Reaper

KLH CreateWorks is a fantastic resource for any writer to have their work reviewed and improved in a fast and efficient manner. Kat Hutson is a delight to work with; she is knowledgeable and well-practiced in the finer technical points of the English language. She took the draft of my latest fantasy novel and had it turned around and back to me very fast. She was always ready to give me feedback on my work during the editing process, and we easily maintained a fluid, open line of communication. Kat Hutson is incredibly diligent about making agreed-upon deadlines for her clients. She is approachable and highly available for comment and feedback throughout the editing process. Kat Hutson is fully committed to providing her clients top-notch quality, and will do everything in her power to ensure that each project passing through her hands receives her best work, and that every client is absolutely satisfied with her services. I would absolutely work with Kat Hutson and KLH CreatWorks again, as well as recommend the service to others.

Jason Pere

The Machine (Book 1)

I was excited by Kathrin’s versatility and enthusiasm. She wanted to know more about what we are doing and help out in any way she could. I quickly learned what an asset Kathrin is, and snatched her up. We have been working closely together for the last couple of months. She is the kind of person who will likely take on far more than you expected, but still give you 100% every time. She is confident, dedicated, organized, and very efficient. And to add to that, she is very approachable. If you are looking for an editor or proofreader, you would be hard pressed to find someone as passionate about reading and writing as Kat Hutson

E C Jarvis

Research Paper

Recently, Kathrin Hutson edited a research proposal and finalized research paper for me. I was astounded by her professionalism and flexibility in writing techniques. Upon receiving her feedback, I had no doubt that she immensely aided my writing. After the initial research proposal on modern education reform was accepted to be presented at the William V. Moore Research Conference this year, I proceeded to have Kathrin edit my finished research paper. Her feedback was unequivocally necessary for my success at the conference. I took Kathrin’s feedback and leveraged it to receive the Second Best Presentation Award at the conference. Since then, I have gone on to further discuss my work with other scholars, and plan to extrapolate my research int other fields. I would absolutely recommend Kathrin for anyone looking to fine tune a piece of literature, or to receive valuable criticism for any piece of work.

Carl Maass