We provide every service you need from completing your manuscript to getting it self published! We have teamed up to bring you our individual skills, at realistic prices! Both approachable and fun to work with, you can enjoy the arduous task of self publishing your book with people who truly understand. 

Kat & Laura ~

There are companies that will offer you an all inclusive service to publish your book. They take your work, edit, format, make you a cover and upload it to createspace under their imprint. You have to pay for this, and it is most definitely the wrong way to go about publishing. In this industry we call this a vanity press. 

You may be wondering why we claim to be different. We are charging you to provide you with all those services. Unfortunately when you choose to self publish, it is important to get professional editing, formatting and cover design. With the influx of self published authors over recent years, the extra steps you take to put out a professional product will make all the differemce.

Secondly, check out our prices and you will see that you are getting affordable services. Both myself and Kat are writers, and have published multiple books and anthologies between us. You are getting experience from people who share your self publishing struggle. Every service is optional, you are not committed to a one priced all inclusive service.

Most importantly, you will ALWAYS be the publisher of your own work. 

With our help, all you have left to do is buy an ISBN, and upload the files we give you. If you are not computer literate, talk to us, we can help you along the way without taking any of your well deserved royalties.

Once your book is published, it's yours, and most importantly, if you are not associated with a publishing house, and you use your own ISBN, you can still be picked up and submit to major publishers. So the dream of making it big is still possible.

We could talk about publishing all day, it is close to our hearts and we are passionate about what we do. If you have any needs on your journey to self publishing, drop us an email and we can go from there!

Make your dream a reality. Don't publish SHIT, Just PUBLISH IT Already!

BONUS - All our customers are given the opportunity to join our Read & Review Exchange for FREE. We will match you up with another client of ours working in the same genre to read and review each others work.